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 Welcome to Double R American Bulldogs.
Home of "Dual Registry Supreme Grand Champion Quality
American Bulldogs."
 And the most titled 100% Johnson Bulldogs in History
64 plus show & working titles and growing.

Zorch on Super Pooches

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We have 100% Johnson American Bulldogs 
and High % Johnson type American Bulldogs.
All of our American Bulldogs have earned their place within our program.

 Life's firmest friend, in a palace or laying in the dirt on the river
bank fishin, they don't care as long as your there. It is that simple,
yet there is so much more, their devotion has no words to do it

Our specialty is in the area top notch Championship quality dogs. Family Protection, Show + Working Champions, our policy is to match only the best with the best.
 Simple if I am doing a breeding it is because I personally want a pup from the match up!

Home of the
1st ever 100% Johnson ABD to earn
United Grand Champion Weight Pull title
 Also the 1st ever 100% JDJ Bulldog to finish in the #1 rank spot for the year (that is in the record books FOREVER)

The most points ever scored by a 100% JDJ Bulldog



  A Properly trained American Bulldog will without thought for his own well being place himself between his loved ones and danger every time. He will do whatever is needed with a singleness of purpose, that can be frightening. He is the Mascot and shares the motto the of USMC "Semper Fi,   Do or Die" (Semper Fi means Always Faithful).Thank you for visiting our site.

 The dogs are registered UKC+NKC or UKC+ARF

 We are looking forward to hearing from you, go to our contact page

 Our Home base is now at my shop
7979 RT 22
New Alexandria PA 15670

Not to be sold or used for any illegal purposes.